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Results & Stats

Results and stats

The Ridgeway Challenge first took place in 2004 and has since been completed by over 1000 runners.

Scroll down to dig into the results and records from the past two decades of racing!

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Editions 19
Total Finishers 1148
Course Record (Male) Dan Lawson, 12:07:00 (2015)
Course Record (Female) Sarah Burns-Morwood, 14:00:00 (2018)
Most Finishes (Male) Brian Layton, 13
Most Finishes (Female) Kathy Tytler, 8
Vet 40 Course Records Male: Dan Lawson, 12:07:00 (2015) Female: Laura Swanton-Rouvelin, 14:50:00 (2021)
Vet 50 Course Records Male: Paul Radford, 13:35:00 (2018) Female: Jessica Stueber, 17:12:01 (2023)
Vet 60 Course Records Male: Phil Hoy, 19:20:04 (2023) Female: Janet Payne, 22:57:52 (2021)
Vet 70 Course Records Male: James Binks, 21:58:00 (2018)

Previous Results

We are in the process of organising all the results from the previous editions and these will be displayed here soon. In the meantime, all results can be viewed online via the DUV Statistik website.

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