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Enter The Ridgeway Challenge 2025

Entry for the 20th edition of The Ridgeway Challenge, taking place on 31st May 2205, is now open.

We encourage all runners to register as early as possible.

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Please note, entry is processed via the race organiser's website,

This event is licensed by the Trail Running Association and will be run under UK Athletics Rules. The minimum age to participate is 20 years old on race day.

Price until 31st August

£100 affiliated
£102 unaffiliated

Price from 1st Sept to 31st Dec

£110 affiliated
£112 unaffiliated

Entry from 1st Jan 2025 onwards

£120 affiliated
£122 unaffiliated

Entry Guarantee for two years

After signing-up for the race, we will allow you to defer your entry for up to 2 years, provided you notify us before 19th April 2025.

Entry Requirements

There are no qualifying requirements to enter The Ridgeway Challenge.

We recommend participants have completed a 50K+ run either in a trail running race, or as a training run. We will check all runners history via DUV Statistik, if no previous running history is found, we will contact you to ensure you are adequately prepared to take part.

The Medal

Each finisher will earn our coveted Ridgeway Challenge medal (it's massive in real life!)