2024 update

We are really sorry to say that the Ridgeway Challenge will not be taking place in 2024. The situation with regards to numbers and financial support for the race has become too much of a liability to be able to proceed. When we took the race on we poured a huge amount of time and energy into getting some media behind it to try and boost numbers, but with under 100 starters in both 2022 and 2023 and set against the rising costs of every part of the logistics, it just isn’t viable for us to proceed. We are already digging in to our own pockets to try to get it survive and there has to be a line drawn before it is too late.

The event market is in a difficult place overall, with runner numbers way down (to 2016-17 levels) and yet as many events taking place as ever before. Simply put there are too few runners spread over too many events. This situation won’t last forever, and our hope is to take this year out and help the event back to life further down the road, whether that is with the two of us at the helm or with additional support. But for now, for 2024 we are on pause.

We have contacted all runners who had entered the event.

We appreciate that you have all supported the event, in many cases for very long times and feel as passionate about the event as we do. We strongly believe that we want to right by the race and this has been a very difficult decision.

Thank you all for your support and we will decide on the plan for 2025 and beyond and communicate to all of you in due course