Requesting a vR86 Ribbon

Although the event has been cancelled the Race Director thought best to still have ribbons.  Many of you have kept running, even on the Ridgeway, despite the lockdown and the difficulties that has brought. 

The ribbon is free however you'll need to send a stamped-addressed envelope.

Follow these instructions for a vR86 ribbon.

Stamped Address Envelope

Take a normal envelope and write your address on it.  Attach a Large Letter stamp. The stamp is shown loose but yours should be affixed.

Sending to the TRA

Take another envelope and write the address on it as shown (20 Dowlais...). Fold up the Stamped Addressed envelope above and insert it in the envelope addressed as shown.  Add a suitable standard first or second class stamp.  Pop it in the post.

What you need to know

  • One ribbon per envelope, per person
  • The sender is responsible for the correct postage - so check
  • The ribbon will be posted back without any further correspondence
  • If you do not receive your ribbon you need to check with the Royal Mail as all received envelopes will be fulfilled.  The TRA is not responsible for actions of Royal Mail
  • No correspondence will be entered in to
  • Do not use this address for anything else
  • The TRA reserves the right to withdraw the distribution at any time without reason
  • Notification will be given here if stocks run out (not likely)
  • Do not request a ribbon unless you are happy with the above