Advice for Overseas Entrants

This page contains the concise information that overseas entrants may find useful.

Travelling to the Event

Consider flying into Heathrow then travelling by train to Tring.  This journey is around 1 hour 50 minutes but is easy and passes some London landmarks.  There are frequent train services from Heathrow to London.

Should you be intending to arrive by Eurostar compare prices for the complete journey to Tring when booking your Eurostar ticket. 

Tring Train Station is around two miles from Tring Centre and around 3 miles from the Premier Inn so consider taking a taxi cab from the station.  Pendley Manor is a short walk to from the station.

It is recommended that overseas entrants stay at either the Premier Inn or Pendley Manor, both in Tring, as minibuses will collect you from these locations. 

It is not possible for the event organisers to purchase fares or make hotel bookings for you.

During the Event

The event allows one suitcase to be transported throughout the event in addition to your drop bag. You will have access to your drop bag at half way and the finish but not your suitcase as that may be transported separately.

Should you need to retire from the event you will be re-united with both your drop bag and suitcase.

After the Event

Minibuses will take runners to all hotels in central Swindon and those on route.  Avoid the Premier Inn Central as minibuses will not take you here as it's not central.  Avoid the Travelodge Great Western Way as there are limited services in the area.

Consider the Premier Inn Lydiard Fields, J16 M4.  There is a range of small shops and a pleasant bar within a two-minute walk.

Taxis from the Premier Inn Lydiard Fields to the Train Station will cost around £8.

Going Home

Travelling back to London, either central or Heathrow, is easy from Swindon.  There are direct trains to London with easy connections to Heathrow.

Consider taking the train to Reading then the coach to Heathrow as often this can be cheaper and quicker than travelling to central London then catching the Heathrow Express.

A taxi from Swindon to London Heathrow will cost around £90 and needs to be booked a day in advance, paid for by card when booking.

Should you wish to fly back on Sunday be careful with your flight times.  Runners often find they take much longer to complete the course than they anticipated.  Consider staying in London near Heathrow on Sunday night.  Trains run from Swindon from around 08:30 on Sunday.