Information for female runners

Information for Female runners

This page contains information for female runners

We want to ensure the event is as accessible as possible to all runners.


Below we have set out information specifically for female runners – if you have any questions not answered below, please contact us at:


Refund policy - pregnancy

The event has a 100% refund policy where the runner informs us outside 4 weeks before the race.


Toilets and female hygiene products

The start, finish and Nuffield, Barbury Castle and Goring checkpoints have toilet facilities and we will have female hygiene toilets available at these locations.


Breastfeeding / expressing

We can make provisions for this – please contact us so that we can discuss what arrangements would work best for you.


If you wish us to anonymise your race results, please do let us know.


Cut offs

The cut off for the race is designed to allow all runners the best possible chance to complete the event, including a percentage of walking.


Unacceptable behaviour

We strongly condemn any unacceptable behaviour (including but not limited to harassment) and encourage all runners to report this to a volunteer or race organisers (whoever they feel more comfortable to do so to) so that we can take action.


We welcome any feedback on what improvements we can make to the event to ensure it is as accessible as possible to female runners.