Information for female runners

Information for Female runners

Below are some of the commitments we make to ensure barriers to female participation in the Ridgeway Challenge are removed. If you require any further information on the below,please email us here.

- Fair Deferral/ Refund policies for pregnancy and post partum: The race has an explicit 100% refund policy for pregnancy and post-partum.Women should feel comfortable entering the event whilst planning pregnancy, in the knowledge that they won't be disadvantaged if they do receive the good news before the race.

- Toilets: Everywhere we can have a toilet we have one. Mens and Womens are separately signed. Any check point where we are not permitted a toilet by the landlord or by access, we are working on relocating.

- Feminine Hygiene:You will find spare tampons & sanitary towels at every check point. These are stored with the general aid station kit, simply ask the volunteers or staff when you arrive if you require any help.

- Anonymity: Any request to anonymise results will be honoured.

- Breastfeeding/ Expressing: We deal with breastfeeding requests with runners and volunteers alike, making special provision wherever required. Please just email us for a personal discussion around your requirements.

- Room to race: We don’t generally have a problem with space at the start line however we will always call faster men and women forward in advance of the count down.

- Unaccetapble Behaviour: We will treat any report of unacceptable beahviouror harassment with utmost severity, take swift action and ensure that there is an appropriate outcome/ punishment for it.

- Prize money / awards: Have and will always been equal.

- Cut offs: The cut off for the race is designed to allow all runners the best possible chance to complete the event, including a percentage of walking.


She Races. Fill in the She Races Survey to help provide more data and feedback from which guidance can be given back to the sport.

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We welcome any feedback on what improvements we can make to the event to ensure it is as accessible as possible to female runners.