The Finish and Logistics

The Finish and Logistics

This page contains the more detailed information about the event.  Familiarise yourself with this information as it will make your event more enjoyable and help your support crews too if you have one.

Turn off the Ridgeway to the Finish

Turn off the Ridgeway at the junction as indicated.  It is not possible for the event to post signs as they have been stolen in previous years.  The signpost to the right of the trail signposts Avebury.

The Finish, SN8 1RF

The Finish is at 86 miles and is 6.1 miles past checkpoint 9.  Normal checkpoint food is available here along with hot food and drinks.  Cold cordial and water at this station.  Ensure your number remains visible if you have changed in to warmer running gear.

Runners will be reunited with their drop bags at this location.

Support crews should follow signs to parking at Avebury.  DO NOT park on the road even if you are just collecting your runner or bags. The Race Director reserves the right to nullify any runners finish position should support crews park on the road. SN8 1RF

Open 00:01 to 15:00

The Finish Photo, Medals and Heading Home

As the runner enters the last 50 yards of the course the Ridgeway Challenge 86 mile Finish tape will be held up.  Runners will notice FINISH in the middle of the tape.  Runners are to head toward FINISH as it will position them for the photo.  The tape will flex so run up to the tape but not through it.  Once you are through the finish you are invited to have photos taken against the backdrop in the hall.

A whiteboard will be on the finish line so runners and support crews can leave a hand written message to the event volunteers.

Medals will be awarded as soon as possible however this may take up to 20 minutes from finishing to being awarded.

There will be free transport from Avebury to Swindon train station.  Please note the minibus will run a ad-hoc services so do not rely on the service to take you to Swindon for a specific time.  If you need to be taken to Swindon for a specific time please book a taxi or make other arrangements.   VCar Taxi 01793 701 701.

Minibuses will take you to your hotel providing they are within Swindon Centre or at M4 J16. We do not transport runners to Premier Inn Central or Travel Lodge Swindon West.

Parking is limited at Avebury so please adhere to the parking restrictions. The Finish is at the Social Centre on Avebury High Street.  DO NOT PARK AT THE SOCIAL CENTRE or on the Hight Street EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST COLLECTING A RUNNER OR BAGS! Should a support crew park on the highstreet outside, or near, the Social Centre they will be asked to move off. The Race Director reserves the right to nullify any runners finish position should support crews park on the road.

Please note that Avebury is a very popular tourist attraction, especially on a bank holiday.  We rely on the use of the Social Centre as simply without it the event will be in jeopardy.  Local authorities take special interest in our event making sure parking terms and conditions are adhered to.