Support Crews

Support Crew Info

This page is dedicated to support crew information.  Both the support crew and runner need to familiarise themselves with this information as it will make your event more enjoyable.

To make more of a weekend for the support crews it is worthwhile knowing the attractions and food places there are along the route.  Visit Chilterns have a great webiste listing attractions, Public Houses and Farm Shops along the route and across the Chilterns.  Well worth a look.


During the Event

During the event the Race Officials can be contacted on the telephone number provided within the entry confirmation email. DO NOT ask race officials for directions.  Their responsibility is safety and management of the event.


Support crews are only allowed to meet their runner at, or near, checkpoints.  Support crews are able to provide runners with food and drink, plus change of clothes/equipment at half way.  Support crews should be mindful that they are not to give their runner an advantage over runners without support crews, eg, giving them a lift back to the course should they have gone wrong or harbouring them from poor weather in their vehicle. If a support crew has to 'rescue' their runner then the runner should declare themselves out of the event by contacting the race director by phone. The race director will take a very dim view of any runner receiving assistance that provides a competitive advantage and will administer time penalities as deemed suitable. The race director's decision is final.


Below are Google suggested routes between checkpoints.  You cannot park at all checkpoints so please do not endanger runners and the checkpoint staff by parking at restricted checkpoints.


Always check the postcode locations on your satnav before the event as they will only take you close to the given location.  The race organisers take no responsibility for support crews unable to find the locations as the postcodes are only for general guidance.


Good support planning will show suitable areas to park and wait for your runner, such as road crossings with parking.  Runners will be asked to surrender their number on safety grounds if their support crews arrive at no-parking checkpoints.


Support crews can only meet their runner at no-parking checkpoints if the runner retires.  Ensure the runner has handed in their number BEFORE the support crew arrives.  Stop, collect your runner, leave.



  1. Always take care particularly when crossing a road on foot.
  2. Should the support crew include children keep them near you at all times.
  3. Be especially careful when parking on or near a road.  You might be blocking the field of vision of others creating a danger.
  4. Please note the food and drink at checkpoints is reserved for competitors.
  5. All support crews should have a good road map showing the Ridgeway and ideally a Harvey Ridgeway Map.
  6. If the directions are in any way incorrect or misleading please let staff know.
  7. If you notice any Caution signs knocked over tell the support staff.
  8. Check on your satnav the location where the given postcodes take you.  They may be different than shown on other devices and the internet.
  9. Cars are parked at owners risk.


Make a note of the following hospitals should your runner need urgent medical attention.


Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Mandeville Road

Aylesbury, Bucks

HP21 8AL

Telephone: 01296 315000


John Radcliffe Hospital

Headley Way




Telephone: 01865 741166


Royal Berkshire Hospital

London Road


Berks RG1 5AN

Telephone: 0118 322 7020


Great Western Hospital

Marlborough Road 



Telephone: 01793 604020

The Ridgeway near Watlington
Ivinghoe Hills
Pitstone Mill
Combe Hills by C Smith
Rumsey's Chocolaterie Wendover

Taking Your Runner to the Start

The registration point is at Steps Hill on the Ivinghoe to Ringshall road. LU6 2EG

Support crews park at the Ivinghoe Beacon Carpark or Steps Hill Carpark.  Do not try to park at the start (next to the gazebo).  Park carefully and leave room for other cars.

Open 08:30 to 12:00

From The Start to Checkpoint 1, Wendover

Support crews cannot meet their runner at CP1 due to no parking facilities.  Parking on the highstreet is limited.

Support crews cannot park at this location. HP22 6NJ

Checkpoint 1 open 11:15 to 14:30

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2, Whiteleaf

Support crews can park at CP2 although the carpark may well be congested with other people visiting the park. HP27 0RP

Checkpoint 2 open 12:45 to 16:00


Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3, Hill Road Lewknor

Support crews cannot park at CP3 as no dedicated parking areas near the checkpoint exist.  The road/trail crossing also provides access to the farm so has to be kept clear.  It is possible to park on the main road and walk to the checkpoint. OX49 5TS

Checkpoint open 14:30 to 18:15

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5, South Stoke

Support crews can meet their runnerat CP5. Car can park on the street at this location.  Do not attempt to park near the hall as it is reserved for first aid and Raynet.  RG8 0JS


Checkpoint open 17:00 to 23:15

Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6, Bury Down

There is ample parking at CP6.  Please use both car parking areas.  RG20 7AQ

Checkpoint open 18:45 to 02:30

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4, Nuffield Church

Support crews can park at this CP4 however parking is limited.  Make sure you leave space for event vehicles and the seating area for runners.  You may be asked to move off if parking is unavailable.

There is a toilet at this location. Cakes and drinks are available for support crews in the Church, not the checkpoint.  Please leave a generous donation for the refreshments.    RG9 5SN

Checkpoint open 16:00 to 20:30

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7, Sparsholt Firs

Support crews can meet their runner at CP7. Use the carparks either side of the road.  Cross the road with care.  Do not obstruct the course.  Grid Reference SU343851

Checkpoint open 20:00 to 06:30

Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8, Foxhill

Support crews can meet their runner at CP8. Use the carpark at the foot of the hill and wait for your runner, or, walk up to the checkpoint.  Do not obstruct access to the road.  Do not leave valuables on display.  SN4 0DR

Checkpoint open 21:45 to 08:45

Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9, Barbury Castle

Support crews can meet their runner at CP9. Use the carpark away from the checkpoint itself.  Toilets are located here.  Ample parking. SN4 0QH

Checkpoint open 23:45 to 12:15

Checkpoint 9 to Checkpoint 10, the finish at Avbury

Support crews can meet their runner here. Follow the Ridgeway Challenge car parking signs and adhere to parking restrictions. Tea and coffee for support crews are provided.  Always obay the parking limitations. Never park in front of the hall as it is reserved for ambulances and other vehicles.  The Race Director reserves the rights to nullify finish results of any runner whos support crew parks on the road, even to collect a runner or bag. SN8 1RF

Checkpoint open 00:01 to 15:00