Race Rules



All rules are at the final discretion of the race management team. No challenges will be permitted.

Runners must carry with them AT ALL TIMES the mandatory equipment required. There will be kit checks before the race and potentially again during and after the race. A time penalty of one hour will be imposed for any item found to be missing at any point on course.

There are many options regards kit for fulfilling these requirements and those of other events. We stock what we believe to be the best options at the Centurion Running online store available by clicking here. Please ask us if you have any questions.

Fully charged mobile phone (switched on throughout)
Water bottles/bladder capable of carrying a minimum of 1 litre
Survival Blanket: 1.4m x 2m minimum
Primary light source (min 75 lumens) – from Goring only
Back up light source (min 25 lumen) – from Goring only
Head covering (beanie or buff)
Cup (the event is cup free)
Reflective clothing or rear red LED/ light during hours of darkness
Item of warm clothing (long sleeved base layer or fleece)
Waterproof jacket (must have a hood and sealed seams)

Strongly recommended but not mandatory:

  • Route Map - Should be a hard copy that you are able to navigate from and not a map on your phone. We advise theHarveys Maps available here
  • Compass - This should be a separate physical compass and not electronic/ on your phone.

1.There will be no unofficial runners.
2.Each runners' bib number must be worn on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.
3. Runners must follow the marked trail/ course at all times. 
4. Each runner must complete the entire course under his or her own power.</td>
5. Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the trail.
6.Each runner must be checked IN to all aid stations. You will be disqualified if your time is 7. Cut-off times will be strictly enforced. There are cut offs at EVERY aid station. Runners leaving any aid station after the cut off will not be listed as official finishers and will not be eligible for awards.
8.Littering of any kind will result in immediate disqualification. Please respect the natural beauty of our trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them. Littering will threaten our use of the trails and the future of the race.
9. Any runner who is unable to finish the race must personally inform the aid station captain of the nearest checkpoint of their decision to withdraw. HE OR SHE MUST HAND IN THEIR RACE NUMBER AND TRACKER TO THE AID STATION CAPTAIN AT THAT TIME. This serves as official notice of a runner's withdrawal from the race. Runners who leave the course without turning in their number will be classified as lost and will be banned from future events.
10. Runners are responsible for the actions of their crew and supporters. If your supporters or crew are deemed to have broken any of the runner race rules or separate rules for crew, the runner will be held accountable. 
11. Minimum age on race day is 20.
12. No pacers are permitted at any time, anywhere on course. No other person may run along side of a runner for any distance, for any reason.
13. Runners must carry with them AT ALL TIMES the mandatory equipment required.
14. There will be mandatory gear checks at the start, on route, or at the finish. Failure to comply with the gear checks will result in disqualification.
15. Runners are not to be accompanied by dogs at any time whilst on course.</td>
16. As a championship event, we reserve the right to conduct pre and post-competition testing for any and all performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) listed on the current WADA Prohibited List. Any athlete who refuses to submit to anti-doping controls, if selected for testing, shall be disqualified.
17. Runners must only be crewed at the locations we have listed as 'Crew Permitted'. Do not have your crew attend to you anywhere else, doing so will result in immediate disqualification.
18. Runners must at all times comply with any instruction given by race management, staff and volunteers.


Any protests to a ruling or of a runner to runner violation must be submitted by a registered entrant and must be lodged using the following procedure:

1. Report the alleged violation to the runner, his/her crew as the incident occurs. Enlist a fellow witness to the alleged violation if possible.

2. Report the alleged violation with the runner’s name and number to the next available aid station staff.

3. Report the alleged violation in writing at the finish line to the race director. All protests must be submitted by 6pm on Monday following the race. Written protest must include the name of the person who lodged the complaint.

4. Decision on all violations and rules is at the final discretion of the Race Management ONLY. There will be no challenges after that decision.

  • The Ridgeway trail is used by, but not limited to, horse riders, walkers and mountain bikers. Please be aware of other people whilst you are running and be as polite and courteous as possible to them, making way when necessary, particularly to horses. You do not have priority over any other users out on the course, most will be totally unaware of the event taking place. All gates must be properly closed after you have gone through.