Looking after the trail

Looking after the Ridgeway

    As a trail running community it is important that we look after our fabolous trails and our race is not excempt from this.

    We aim to leave 'no trace' on the Ridgeway - by keeping the race small and looking after both the checkpoint locations and the route itself.We are part of the community of event organisers who use the trail and closely communicate with the trail manager to ensure we follow any guidance - and look for how we can support the trail beyond the race.

    We are also taking steps to ensure we do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment, including through the following: 

    • A free shuttle bus is offered to runners arriving by train to the start location - reducing the need to travel to the start in individual vehicles
    • Medals used have interchangeable date ribbons, with no date on the medal - reducing waste
    • No t-shirts are offered in the race
    • No single use course markings are used - the National Trail markings are used and where needed re-usable corex arrows are used with re-usable cable ties
    • Cups are part of mandatory kit, with no single use cups provided at aid stations
    • Recycling of all paper/cardboard produced in the race is recycled
    • Recycling all plastic bottle waste generated in the race