Q.  The course now goes through Ogbourne St George, how will I know when to turn off?

    The diversion will be signposted throughout with an arrow indicating the initial right turn.  The diversion is there to avoid the road crossing at Southend.


    Q. Is there a GPS file I can download?

    Yes, GPX and KMZ versions are available. Visit the Useful Downloads and Links page on this website. Always check to ensure you have the correct version.  Sometimes there are changes to the route very close to the event date.

    Q. What about parking at Avebury?

    Follow the R86 Car Park signs.  When arriving at the car park follow the marshal's instructions.  The finish is right next to the car park.

    Q. I have already entered but I cannot make it now.

    Contact rd@ridgewaychallenge.com to request a refund.  Refunds will be given in line with the refund policy. 

    Q. Can I run with a pacer, someone not competing?

    No, the event does not permit pacers. An athlete gaining assistance is liable to disqualification.

    Q. How can I contact the race organisers running up to, and during, the event?

    Email racedirector@ridgewaychallenge.com, call using the number on your entry email and during the event the telephone number on your bib number.

    Q. How old do I need to be to enter?

    All entrants must be 20, or over, on the day of the event.

    Q. What size drop bag am I allowed?

    About the size of a normal gym bag, a medium sized bag you would normally carry some footwear and a change of clothes in. Your bag must weigh no more than 15Kg.

    Bags are left at owner's risk.  The event cannot transport carrier bags.  Should your bag be too big it will not be transported, just handed back to the runner. One bag per runner.

    Q. Why do I need to qualify?

    The R86 hosts the British Trail Running Championships Ultra Distance as recognised by UKA and British Athletics.  It is important that runners compete against other ultra-runners. By ensuring that all runners have recently run an ultra it promotes competition and fairness.  Additionally, qualifying gives the runner some indication of just how far 86 miles is and how long it may take. 

    Qualifying events need to be 30 miles or more and completed in one go.  24 hour events with laps are not accepted.Qualifying event must have been completed between

    1st January 2019 and race day.

    Q.What mandatory kit do I need?

    All runners need the following mandatory kit:

    • Fully charged mobile phone (switched on throughout)
    • Water bottles/bladder capable of carrying a minimum of 1 litre
    • Survival Blanket: 1.4m x 2m minimum
    • Primary light source (min 75 lumens) – from Goring only
    • Back up light source (min 25 lumen) – from Goring only
    • Head covering (beanie or buff)
    • Cup (the event is cup free)
    • Reflective clothing or rear red LED/ light during hours of darkness
    • Item of warm clothing (long sleeved base layer or fleece)
    • Waterproof  jacket (must have a hood and sealed seams)

    Q. Can I return to a checkpoint once I have passed through it?

    Not advisable, be sure you can make it to the next checkpoint before leaving your current one.  Checkpoints will close once all runners are accounted for.  The checkpoint may close behind you and before the stated time.

    Q. Is the course easy to navigate?

    The course follows the Ridgeway National Trail and is waymarked throughout as such.  Navigation throughout is along established trails. Take a moment at each road crossing, trail crossing and gate to check the route you are on is the Ridgeway.

    Should you wish to run with a map then look for Harvey Ridgeway Map.  Mark the checkpoints on the map and keep it handy.  Maps are only useful if you know how to read them.

    Q. I seem to be having payment problems, what can I do?

    Sometimes payments are halted due to gateways thinking a payment is in some way questionable.  Whilst this is frustrating it is for good reason.  If you are having problems paying contact rd@ridgewaychallenge.com.