Tshirt and Medal Options

The R86, Medals and Ribbons from 2020


The R86 is firmly committed to having ribbons and medals as a part of providing a great ultra-event and runner experience.  Going forward the event will continue to provide medals and ribbons however we need to be considerate to the end-to-end environmental costs of the products.

Medals, from 2020


2019 introduced a new, much more substantial medal.  The observer will notice the ribbon loop does not close fully.  This will allow for additional ribbons to be slipped on in future years without purchasing another medal.

The race organiser is aware that this might be somewhat controversial. 

The event organiser asks that runners look at the environmental gains putting to one side any complaints that the event is not conforming to historical norms.

Summary:  You'll purchase a more substantial medal that you'll be pleased to keep = better way to mark your achievement.  Going forward you'll re-vamp your award every time you enter the R86 by adding a new ribbon = mark your achievement and save some money.

You will, of course, be able to buy a medal each year and that's okay too.



2019 introduced pay-for t-shirts. The volume of t-shirts ordered dropped dramatically.  With this reduction came a sharp rise in price due to lower volume discounts.  In turn, from 2020, this price increase would lead to further reductions in purchases.  The cost of t-shirts would reach a price that the event organisers would deem poor value.  The event organisers chose not to supply t-shirts from 2020.



All finishers are able to purchase a medal. Runner can have a medal and ribbon as per most races.  Making the medal re-useable means you can enjoy a great value event and help the environment too. 


The R86 organiser thinks this is a great way for you all to enjoy the event whilst being able to taylor the rewards/costs to your individual requirements whilst balancing the environmental impact.