Race all the Ridgeway to Avebury Stones, the R86

2019 Latest Information

This page contains up-to-date information about the R86 2019.  Check back regularly for the latest updates.

Runner Information, last updated 13th August 2019

  • Please listen carefully to the marshal's instructions when parking at both the registration point and the finish.
  • T-shirts, if ordered, will be handed out at registration.
  • During the event the Race Officials can be contacted on 07437 730 760 and 07513 787 771. Support crews are not to ask race officials for directions as their responsibility is safety and management of the event. 
  • CP4 at Nuffield Church will become very congested exacerbated by cars arriving far too early.  Support crews should consider meeting their runner at road crossings further down Grimms Ditch.
  • Parking near the finish: Park only at the signposted, dedicated, car park at Avebury Sports Club. Please see this streetview image of the parking location. Postcode SN8 1RD.  Support crews must not pick runners up from outside the finish (the RD reserves the right to nullify finish times if the do). Whilst on Avebury Sports Club property USE THE FACILITIES RESPONSIBLY AND WITH APPROPRIATE CARE.
  • Read and re-read your confirmation email.  Your start time is towards the end of the email.

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