All the Ridgeway to Avebury Stones, the R86

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To qualify for entry you must have completed at least an ultra distance event, 30 miles and over (12 hour and over events are fine too), since January 2017. Note: Any applicant not conforming to this rule will be placed on the reserve list until such a time as they inform the race director of their qualifying ultra distance event. The event recognises LDWA events. racedirector@ridgewachallenge.com

Prices and Start Times


Entries between 16th September 2017 to 31st May 2018 (Early-bird discount)

*Affiliated £63 or unaffiliated £65


Entries between 1st June 2018 to 4th August 2018 (Standard price)

*Affiliated £73 or unaffiliated £75


*Affiliated members are either members of the TRA or registered with UK Athletics. This entry fee includes the £2 reduction from the entry fee in accordance with the UK Athletics Rules.


Refund Policy and Swapping Places


Refunds of 80% will be made up to the 31st of May. No refunds after this time.


Places can be swapped for free anytime up to, and including, the 4th August.


To swap places use the postal application and mark the form "Swap place with" and the name of the existing entrant. If the new entrant is not affiliated, but the original entrant was, ensure a cheque is issued for £2 in accordance with the UK Athletics Rules.


No swapped places or changes to start times past the 4th August - no exceptions.


Start Times


There are two start times:

10:00 for runners expecting to take more than 24 hours with a total cut-off time of 28 hours.

12:00 for runners wanting to compete in the UK Trail Running Championships Ultra Distance. The total time allowed for 12:00 runners is 26 hours. Finishers receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.


All runners will receive a t-shirt when collecting their number. All finishers receive a finisher medal.


The Race Orgnaniser and Director for 2018 is Tim Mitchell, racedirector@ridgewaychallenge.com

On Line Applications


There's no charge for applying on line and you'll receive confirmation immediately.

Online entry is provided by Eventrac.com (opens in new window).


Postal Applications


Postal entries are welcome. Please ensure that your entry is posted no later than July 31st to ensure your application arrives on time.

Use this form to swap places, you can swap places for free up to the 4th August.

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