Rules, Awards and UTMB

All the Ridgeway to Avebury Stones, the R86

Rules, Awards and UTMB

This page contains the concise information about a couple of particularly important race rules, the awarding of medals and information about UTMB points.

Race Rules


The Ridgeway Challenge is held under UK Athletic Rules for Competition.




There is general rule (general rules apply to all athletics disciplines) that says that "pacing" by someone not in the race counts as assistance, and getting assistance means that an athlete is liable to disqualification.


This remains the case in the Ridgeway Challenge 86 Miles.


Use of Poles


The Ridgeway Challenge is run under UK Athletics Rules, as such, the competition rules will be adhered to.



There is a General Rule in UK:A Rules which says:



The following shall be interpreted as assistance:

The use of any technical device. Athletes receiving assistance as defined above are liable to be disqualified.


The use of poles is prohibited. Runners are liable to disqualification under the RULES OFF ASSISTANCE.





Only entrants starting at 12:00 midday are entitled to 1st, 2nd or 3rd places.


Medals will be issued as soon as possible. Awarding of medals may take up to twenty minutes from the time a competitor finishes to being awarded.



UTMB Points


Obtaining UTMB points is a very complicated, awkward and drawn out process with a level of uncertainty. The race director attempted to obtain points for 2017 however the process proved too difficult. The Ridgeway Challenge 2017 and onward will not have UTMB points.




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