5000 years in 86 miles,

the R86

Instructions and FAQs




  • Q. How can I contact the race organisers running up to, and during, the event?



Race Director, Tim Mitchell, 07917 364 364


  • Q. Can I change my start time on the day?


No, it is not possible to change your start time past the 4th August.


  • Q. What size drop bag am I allowed?


About the size of a normal gym bag, a medium sized bag you'd normally carry some footwear and a change of clothes in. Your bag must weigh no more than 15Kg.


  • Q. What should I do if my journey to the event is delayed?


Call 07917 364 364 and talk to Tim Mitchell, the Race Director. Be aware though that the event will start on time.


  • Q. How do I book a shuttlebus from my hotel to the registration point?


Email racedirector@ridgewaychallenge.com with the name and location of your hotel. Ensure you receive a confirmation email as this will confirm your collection time. Local hotels are Tring and surrounding areas. Stoke Manderville and Aylesbury are not local.

The Premier Inn, Tring, is ideal.


  • Q. What mandatory kit do I need?


All runners need the following mandatory kit:

- A working mobile phone, contantly switched on.

- Some reflective clothing for the night section.

- A warm piece of clothing to be carried when leaving Goring, checkpoint 5.

- Two torches, a headtorch and hand torch is best.

- These are to be carried in the first half as often runners underestimate the time it will take to reach half way.

- During the hours of darkness you will need one torch whilst you change batteries in the other.


  • Q. Can I return to a checkpoint once I have passed through it?


Not adivsable, be sure you can make it to the next checkpoint before leaving your current one. Checkpoints will close once all runners are accounted for. The checkpoint may close behind you and before the stated time.


  • Q. What are the hours of darkness during the event, approximately?


20:30hrs 25th to 06:30 26th August


  • Q. When does the last minibus leave Tring Train Station?


The last minibus will drive away at 11:30 exactly. Be aware though that the last registration is 11:30. This minibus is to take in to account any trains running late. The minibus staff will call informing the race director you are late but will still make the start.


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