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All the Ridgeway to Avebury Stones, the R86

Concise Information About the Event

This page contains the concise information about the event. Familiarise yourself with this information as it will make your event more enjoyable and help your support crews too if you have one.

The Start, Race Numbers and Brief Information


  • Registration, water and toilets are located at Ashirdge Car Park on the Ivinghoe to Ringshall road. Cars are parked at owners risk throughout the event.
  • It is a condition of entry that all runners must carry a mobile phone, supplying the number to the event organiser, prior to the event.
  • When collecting your number check the telephone number we have is identical to the phone you are running with.
  • Leave drop bags at the registration point. Runners will have access to them at CP5 and the finish. Bags are left at owner's risk.
  • Free minibuses will run from Tring Train Station to Ashridge Car Park from approx. 08:30 to 11:20 on the Saturday. Should you need a lift from your hotel email racedirector@ridgewaychallenge.com and ensure you receive an email confirming your collection time.
  • Please consider using trains to travel to and from the event. Free minibuses run shuttle services from approx. 07:00 on Sunday morning to Swindon Train Station.
  • Race numbers and t-shirts will be issued to runners at the registration point on the day.
  • Your running number must be visible at all times, worn on the front or leg.
  • The race will start on time. Any runners not being behind the start line will risk disqualification. Please be ready to run a good twenty minutes before the start. This will leave enough time to walk to the start at Ivinghoe Beacon.
  • Shortly after leaving the start line, with the race underway, runners will cross over the Ivinghoe to Ringshall road. Marshals will be out on the road but CANNOT STOP VEHICLES, YOU MAY NEED TO STOP! Listen to marshals and do not wear MP3 players when crossing roads.
  • Once the 12:00 noon runners leave Ivinghoe Beacon bags will be taken to Goring, CP5. Runners will have access to their bag at this location. Once runners leave CP5 bags will be taken to the finish. Retiring runners will be re-united with their bags.
  • Free minibuses will shuttle runners from Avebury to Swindon Train Station and the Oasis from approx. 07:30 on Sunday. Showers are available at the Oasis (paid for on arrival), a short walk back to the train station. Mini buses run an ad-hoc service so don't rely on them to take you to Swindon for a specific time.
  • Support crews are not allowed to park on the road at the finish. Please follow the road signs for Avebury Parking. The race director reserves the right to nullify finish positions of any runner whos support crews park on the road.
  • All runners and support crews need to be familiar with checkpoint locations before the start of the event. Support crews should read the information on the Support Crew Page. Do not rely on race officials for directions as their priority is safety and orchestration of the event.


Mandatory Kit

All runners, without exception, must have a working mobile phone, torch, head covering, cup and some reflective and warm clothing.


All runners need to be carrying a head covering from the start, worn or otherwise.


All runners will need a cup as the event is cup-free. Crews and supporters will be provided with cups at the finish.


The runner must provide the telephone number of the phone they are running with to the race organiser plus a contact in case of emergency before collecting their number. This most likely would have been provided during your application. Runners will be able to correct their telephone number and emergency contact when registering on the day.


All runners must be able to demonstrate they have a working torch and be wearing some reflective clothing when leaving checkpoint 8, Fox Hill, during the hours of darkness. After runners leave checkpoint 8 they will start a 1.3 mile road section. Ensure you have enough batteries to last until daylight. Be safe and be seen!


You will also need to have a piece of warm clothing. This is incase you need to wait to be collected should you retire.


Remember you are responsible for your own safety!


See the route and checkpoint locations here.


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