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Race all the Ridgeway to Avebury Stones, the R86

The R86, T-Shirts and Medals from 2019


The R86 is firmly committed to having t-shirts and medals as a part of providing a great ultra event and runner experience.  Going forward the event will continue to provide t-shirts and medals however we need to be considerate to the end-to-end environmental costs of the products.


T-shirts and medals have to be produced, usually in China, shipped here, distributed, printed, worn by really cool runners, then disposed of.  The environmental cost of transport then disposal is significant and needs to be considered and controlled whilst still allowing for you all to look super cool!


The R86 is taking this seriously and believes that a combination of good will and technology can lead the way to sustainable and considerate provision of t-shirts and medals. After all we want the bragging rights whilst being considerate too.




So, what's happening?  Well, T-shirts in 2018 will be designed with two blank areas.  The first top-most blank will enable runners to add the years they have already run the event themselves.  The second area will have 2018 already printed.


Going forwards in to 2019 the same R86 T-shirt can be used to have the 2019 R86 Logo and Year printed or embroidered by a suitable printer or embroiderers. The graphics will be provided for free on this website.  They will be printer friendly so the printers/embroiderers can use them easily.


Further to this the event will provide the graphics for the entire T-shirt should you want to have make one yourself.  You may have a great running shirt that you want to wear with the R86 graphics - well now you can on any material supported by your printer/embroiderer.


There will be an additional, very simple, R86 logo and year graphic that you will be able to use to add to an existing shirt - your bragging T-shirt.  These graphics will be provided every year from 2018 (eighteen).


The event will continue to provide T-shirts just as it does today.  The advertised price of the event will be the price that includes the T-shirt. Should you wish to not receive a T-shirt simply choose the opt-out option and receive the discount.


Medals, from 2019


The medal policy for the event is currently under review after receiving feedback from runners. 




All runners have the option to keep everything as it is today only receiving a t-shirt if they opt to.


Additionally, runners will have access to the graphics allowing them to make their own t-shirt or simply have the logo and year added to an existing shirt. 


The R86 organiser thinks this is a great way for you all to enjoy the event whilst being able to taylor the rewards/costs to your individual requirements whilst balancing the environmental impact.



The Ridgeway Challenge logo can be downloaded from this page when available.

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